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Sandbox Blockchain

Sandbox Blockchain is the Poland's first  business and technology platform designed to accelerate the development of innovative blockchain solutions, made available free of charge to the approved users. The platform is a so-called sandbox, an isolated system that simulates the final production environment.  

Sandbox Blockchain, as the only solution of this kind in Poland, is intended to popularize solutions based on this technology. This project will not only help develop the economy through technology, but also by actively supporting entrepreneurship.

In Poland, the benefits of blockchain are not yet well-known or appreciated. Sandbox Blockchain aims to change this by offering a safe environment for hands-on testing of new solutions as well as the support and promotion of chosen projects.

Why choose Sandbox Blockchain?

the solution of this type on the Polish market


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leaders in Poland  


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Benefits of Sandbox Blockchain

Isolated environment  to securely test solutions before they enter the market

Latest technologies KIR, IBM and OChK involvement in the platform ensures using state-of-the-art technologies in the project and ongoing IT support for participants

Development support the co-founders of the platform, PKO BP and FinTech Poland, help to refine the business aspects of each project

Regulatory support the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (UKNF) consults the legal aspects of projects so that they comply with the Polish/ EU law

Promotion the platform's own promotion channels will help participants reach customers and investors

Blockchain HLF this particular technology can be used in services designed for strictly regulated industries as opposed to the more commonly used Ethereum

Who are we looking for?

Entry is open to all startups and established market entities that are past the stage of having  only an idea for an innovative application of the technology. Our invitation is extended to participants that have designed a practical solution based on blockchain HLF.

We are looking for pioneers using this technology who  will create new paths of development, and set an example for others to follow.


Sandbox Blockchain enables you to test your own solutions that use Hyperledger Fabric (HLF) blockchain technology. Hyperledger Fabric is a scalable distributed ledger technology platform for enterprise applications that ensures privacy, confidentiality of transactions, control of information distribution among uniquely identified network members, and high transactivity.

HLF offers a unique approach to obtaining network consensus that balances large-scale performance with privacy.