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What is Sandbox Blockchain? hide
What entities are responsible for the Project? hide
What is the partners’ role in the project? hide
What is the purpose of Sandbox Blockchain? hide
Will Sandbox Blockchain secure funding for my idea? hide
How does Sandbox work? hide
How is Sandbox Blockchain different from incubators or accelerators? hide
What benefits does Sandbox Blockchain offer the participants? hide
What kind of support do the Organizers offer? hide
How long will the company participate in the project (testing period)? hide
Who can apply? hide
Can I apply more than once? hide
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My company is already in an incubator or accelerator - can I still apply? hide
Why Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology? hide
How is the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain different from others on the market? hide
What technical requirements do I need to meet to work in your blockchain environment? hide
What functionalities are available on the platform? hide