Sandbox Blockchain is developed by the following partners:

KIR is the hub of shared services for the Polish financial sector. We build system solutions for banking, business, and government. Using expertise and the latest technology, we deliver services that effectively help our partners unlock the potential of their projects and implement innovations. Our key task is to promote the digitalization of business processes and increase digital awareness among Poles. We settle retail payments in Poland, create solutions for secure information sharing and open banking, electronic identification tools and trust services (remote identity confirmation - mojeID and qualified electronic signature - mSzafir). We have pioneered the use of blockchain technology and WORM matrices as a durable medium. In April 2020, we co-developed the infrastructure for the PFR Small and Medium Business Financial Shield.

As a leader of the Sandbox Blockchain project we want to accelerate implementing innovations on the Polish market by proposing a universal standard for developing services using blockchain technology. As part of the test environment, we provide the necessary infrastructure and technological support. We help you turn ideas into implementation-ready solutions for virtually any industry. We share our knowledge and experience we have gained by regularly working with partners from various sectors, e.g. finance, insurance, healthcare and government.

PKO Bank Polski is the undisputed leader of the Polish banking sector. The bank is the primary provider of financial services to all customer segments, gaining the highest market share in savings, loans, leasing and personal investment funds segments. With over 9.4 million payment cards, the bank is the largest issuer of debit and credit cards in Poland. Thanks to developing digital tools, including the IKO application, which has 5 million active users, PKO Bank Polski is the most mobile-ready bank in Poland. The Bank's strong position is strengthened by the Capital Group companies. PKO Bank Polski Brokerage House is a leader in terms of the number and value of IPO and SPO transactions on the capital market.

The Bank has been cooperating with the startup community for many years under the Let's Fintech with PKO Bank Polski platform. This program is intended for young companies that view the bank as a partner or customer. Under Let's Fintech, startups can: have their projects evaluated, the product/service aligned with the organization's need, conduct (for a fee) a joint pilot, and implement a commercial project. To date, more than 30 startups have successfully completed the program.

As part of the project, PKO Bank Polski acts as an accelerator, recruiting and selecting startups that want to use the shared blockchain environment.

IBM is a leading provider of enterprise blockchain technology, implementing projects using Hyperlegder Fabric and IBM Blockchain Platform technology.

Since 2016, IBM has worked with hundreds of clients in financial services, supply chain, public sector, healthcare, retail, digital rights management, and digital identity management, deploying applications using blockchain technology, and has operated and developed many blockchain-based networks. In 2017, IBM built the Blockchain Competence Center in Poland and continues to develop it. It is a team of experts working in IBM offices all over Poland, whose successes include such projects as Durable Medium for National Clearing House, eVoting capital market solution for National Depository of Securities or LBChain platform for the Central Bank of Lithuania.

In the joint initiative to build the Blockchain Sandbox, IBM acts as a Technology Partner responsible for building and developing the platform using the Hyperledger Fabric technology and providing blochain technology consulting to the members and participants of the initiative. IBM is one of the founding members of the Hyperledger consortium, an open source collaboration created to develop cross-industry blockchain technologies.

Chmura Krajowa is a technology partner in the Sandbox Blockchain project. OChK provides a fully automated platform hosted on its own infrastructure - the Chmura Krajowa Platform in the platform-as-a-service model. The Sandbox Blockchain service will enable users to quickly deploy a private, isolated instance of a business network that uses blockchain technology to rapidly prototype business applications and to demonstrate and test their solutions with other participants. In the next phase of the project, Chmura Krajowa will also act as a technology accelerator, providing companies with the wide access to the sandbox.

Operator Chmury Krajowej is a technology company established at the initiative of PKO Bank Polski and the Polish Development Fund to provide access to advanced cloud computing services for Polish companies. OChK offers computing power, secure data storage, automated creation of development environments, software to help manage enterprises, and cloud-delivered office workstations (Virtual Desktop). It also provides comprehensive support for selecting and implementing solutions that increase flexibility, efficiency and security of IT environments, accelerating business growth. OChK pursues a multi-cloud strategy, offering customers both infrastructure and access to services from global public cloud providers. It entered into a strategic partnership with Google in September 2019, and with Microsoft - in May 2020.

FinTech Poland is an independent think tank that works to develop the financial innovation sector in Poland by encouraging dialogue between market participants, regulators and supervisors, conducting market research and analysis, preparing regulatory positions and legal expertise, and promoting the Polish fintech sector globally. We support developing an innovative, transparent, sustainable, innovative and open financial sector so that it can be one of the most important motors of the Polish economy.  The Foundation's team includes lawyers and technologists, who combine strategic and regulatory competencies and have extensive knowledge of law and legislation in the area of new technologies. Fintech Poland is a founding member of the European Digital Finance Association (

FinTech Poland Foundation is the partner of the Blockchain Sandbox Platform. Under the Blockchain Sandbox Platform, the Foundation coordinates developing internal regulations and agreements related to implementing the Project.

KIR's Digitalization Development Foundation "Cyberium" has been operating since March 2017. It promotes digitizing the economy, supports non-cash turnover, and removes barriers to its growth. The foundation also supports developing innovative technologies as well as disseminating and implementing state-of-the-art technological solutions for business and personal use. It is also involved in the topic of secure cyberspace. Between 2017 and 2019, the foundation was a partner that coordinated the implementation the program of adopting non-cash payments in public administration units (POS-GOV Program), which was a joint initiative of the KIR and Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology for developing alternative payment methods to cash in public administration units.

As a partner of the Sandbox Blockchain project, the Foundation will focus on promoting blockchain-based solutions, education and popularizing the platform among Polish and foreign companies.